Why Rapid Results

What makes Rapid Results training Program different from other training programs?

First is the education level of the trainers.

  • Todd and I require a minimum of  5 to ten years experience with all of our trainers and anyone falling short of that requirement must do a 3 to 9 month practicum with us as the owners in order that we may view their strengths and weakness so that we can figure out what knowledge they lack and improve upon it.
  • Rapid Results Personal Training hires ONLY certified trainers with experience.
  • We require an owner/trainer practicum of 3 to 9 months (depending on their knowledge level) with all of our trainers to ensure our trainers know safe and effective training techniques and have a knowledge level worth paying for and appropriate to the type of training they plan to engage in.
  • For newer trainers all programs are followed up on by us as owners to ensure our clients are getting the highest level of service possible even if they are training with newer trainers.**     Many gyms will hire UNCERTIFIED trainers and/or new trainers with no experience and they do not have training programs for trainers at their gyms therefore the trainer gets hired fresh out of school and YOU are their hands on training.  That is not fair to the client paying good money to be trained by a “PROFESSIONAL” !

Second, it’s called “PERSONAL TRAINING” for a reason.

  • We build you a personalized program rather than printing something from a computerized program that can’t possibly consider you as an individual with all of your injuries, your body type, the amount of muscle you have to start, your strengths and weaknesses or likes and dislikes.
    **     IF trainers ARE good at what they do and build you a successful program to achieve results MOST are not teaching you how to do this yourself so that you may exit the program when you reach the desired goal and take your own responsibility for your own health and fitness.
  • We not only teach you but provide you with a notebook to take with you detailing your ENTIRE program to assist you when you complete your training and want to embark on your own fitness regimen.
  • We also offer you inexpensive membership access to our MEMBERS ONLY section of RAPID RESULTS WEBSITE that offers meal planning, ask the trainer forums and a database full of all the exercises in motion from your program to help you when trying to remember the form of the many exercises you performed during your program with us.

Third, we create drop down plans

  • These plans will assist you in SLOWLY weaning off of us so that we can ensure that you are taking responsibility for your own continued fitness goals BEFORE leaving us entirely.
  • There are several options in the drop down program and we will help you to identify which one is best for you during your initial consultation.
  • We do this because it is very common for people to “FALL OFF THE WAGON” when leaving a trainer and their guidance, support and accountability.  We DO NOT want to see our clients lose their hard work and their investment in their future!!

Fourth, we use variety and incorporate the latest fitness trends into your workout plans to offer  versatility, fun and intensity into ALL of our workouts.

  • We use free weights, cables, bands, medicine balls, bosu balls, flex balls, Kettlebells, balance boards, resistance runners, plyometrics, targets, boxing bags, jump ropes, and the list goes on.
  • We figure out early on what you enjoy so that we can try to incorporate it into your training regimen.

Lastly all of our 90 day minimum clients are given VIP access and therefore receive FREE GYM memberships at our new exclusive Marietta facility with all brand new equipment while personal  training with us. This gives them the ability to frequent the club for additional workouts on their own, using the aerobics room for their own workouts and the cardio equipment. 

  • Most other training facilities in town require membership dues PLUS personal training fees.WHY SHOULD YOU TRUST YOUR FITNESS TRANSFORMATION TO RAPID RESULTS ?

    Aside from all of the differences listed about our training program, we are the ONLY facility in town with HUNDREDS of before and after pictures with AMAZING proven results for 16 years!  COME SEE FOR YOURSELF WHAT WE CAN DO TO HELP YOU !!