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is a kick butt, fat burning, muscle toning, sweat pouring, stress releasing, power punchin workout  that incorporates boxing, kickboxing, speed drills, and cardio drills all into one FUN, HEART POUNDING workout! As with all other RRPT classes instructor walks the class instructing, correcting and teaching form to help newer members while class is in session. All levels are welcome. Personal equipment including boxing gloves, hand straps and ankle supports are needed for class and the responsibility of each client to provide.  Client must be in good health and sign a waiver of such.  Class is extremely popular and, therefore, sells out quick.  Spaces are limited by bags available.

Each client gets individualized attention to his skill level through the class time. There are different levels within the class so it is okay if you are a beginner.  In this class we also work with partners on targets and perform safe sparring to learn blocks.  IT is an extremely fun way to get an intense cardio workout as well as tone the arms and legs without adding bulk.


Call Laurieann at 678-402-8401  for registration and pricing.