Specialized Classes

All Marietta training classes are by preregistration ONLY and are sold as a seven week series. Discounts are given for training clients taking classes and for RRPT website members.  Sandy Springs location has one ab class currently but will be adding more this Spring.

Please CONTACT US in advance for availability of upcoming sessions and prices.

Day Class Time Description
MON RRPT  Rock Solid Abs 11:00AM  Beginner to Intermediate
TBA Beginner to Intermediate
RRPT CrossTrain 5:45PM Beginner to Intermediate
RRPT BootCamp 6:45PM Intermediate to Advanced
RRPT Glutes and Bands 1:45 PM Intermediate to Advanced
RRPT Abs Class 5:45 PM Beginner to Intermediate
Group Personal Training 7:00 PM Intermediate to Advanced
WED RRPT Stroops Class 10:00AM Beginner to Intermediate
RRPT Pump and Grind 5:45 PM Beginner to Intermediate
RRPT Pump and Grind 6:45 PM Beginner to Intermediate
THU RRPT Kettlebell 10:00 AM Beginner to Intermediate
RRPT Pump and Grind 5:45 PM Beginner to Advanced
RRPT Kettlebell 6:45 PM Intermediate to Advanced
FRI Pump and Grind 11:00 AM TBA_DESC
RRPT Strength Class 5:00 PM Intermediate to Advanced
SAT RRPT FITBOX 8:00 AM Beginner to Intermediate
Beginner to Intermediate
TBA 11:15 AM

RRPT Group Training Classes unlike aerobic classes at most gyms are NOT instructor LED, meaning the instructor doesn't DO the class WITH you getting their OWN workout while you just follow them. RATHER, they are INSTRUCTOR TAUGHT meaning the instructors are facing YOU and teaching or calling out the movements while walking the class, intently watching your form and correcting to teach proper form and function of exercise to each class member. You will get the attention of individualized training but in a group setting with the reduced price of group training.

Group training classes however are not meant to take the place of a personalized personal training program as there are no weigh-ins, bodyfat tests and individual goal setting and programs are not designed for an individuals personal goals but rather a groups overall improvement. They are however a great way to add to your current program, whether with or without a trainer, to maximize fat loss with the intense programs created by our advanced trainers.

Unlike regular aerobic classes at most gyms which are simply learned routines, these dynamic personal training classes will speed up your body strengthening and toning process and help to ward off the dreaded plateaus with the large variety of exercises which are changed from week to week.  In addition the higher calorie burns from the Kettlebell, Bootcamp and Kickboxing will do wonders for your fat loss and shredding goals!

The abs class is a MUST DO if you are working towards a six pack for the summer or atleast a stronger core and more toned stomach!  It is the area most people have the hardest time disciplining themselves to work on or have the least education on proper form of.  With this class you will be AMAZED at how much you learn abou the art of proper abdominal shaping and also how to perform core exercises correctly to stay safe while optmizing your time and results!