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RRPT Post Rehab Injury Training

Post Rehab Injury Training with Rapid Results

     We have over 16 years experience working with sports injuries and post rehabbing injuries such as :


  •    ACL, MCL and PCL tears and surgical reconstructions as well as full knee replacements.
  •  LOW BACK INJURIES including advanced cases like herniated disks, ruptured disks and bulging disks as well as spinal rod clients, scoliosis,                                             spondylolisthesis and spondylitis  
  • SHOULDER INJURIES including rotator cuff, tendonitis, a/c joint separation, SLAP tears and Bicep Tendon tears at the shoulder.  
  • ANKLE and FOOT injuries including Plantar Fasciitis, sprained and fractured ankles and torn tendons.
  • HIP INJURIES and replacements as well as arthritis of the hip .
  • MUSCULAR NECK injuries as well as spinal injuries.

     We put a great deal of care into our health and fitness programs to carefully alter exercised regimens and programs for clients trying to continue to further rehab these injuries and create increased range of motion and lifestyle improvements long after traditional rehabilitation ends and  often leaves you limited and hopeless.  We have had years of success in our post rehab and currently receive referrals from the Shepard Center, Spine and Sports Center and several area chiropractors and doctors who have seen their patients improve dramatically in our programs!  We would love to help you overcome the negative impact of these injuries in your life and help you get back a better quality of life and improve pain managment!

Here is just a sample of INJURY client testimonials from Google:

:William Severino

3 months ago
After 2 knee surgeries last year, I decided that I needed to get back into shape and rehab my knee after ACL surgery. A friend of mine had used Rapid Results recommend Rapid Results. I was so impressed by his results I went in and talked to LaurieAnn. LaurieAnn really know her stuff and her staff is extremely knowledgeable. The really stress proper form and know how to rehab an injury. I currently in my 10th week of training with them. Their nutrition plan, cardio plan, and workouts have really helped me transform my body in 10 short weeks. I have gone from 228lbs to 190lbs and from 30% body fat to 21% body fat. My coat size has gone from a 46 Regular to a 42 Regular. Jeans have gone from a 38 to a 34. My knee is very stable and currently I am running 20 to 25 miles per week. If your serious about getting into shape go see Rapid Results, I highly recommend them! Thank you LaurieAnn and Todd!!!!

Tony Varcoe

a year ago
Just over 2 years ago I met with Laurie Ann of RRPT to discuss a fitness program to enable me “to get in shape”. As a 70 year old who had never worked out in a gym let alone embarked on a fitness program, this was a big step for me. Laurie Ann’s introduction to her program was detailed in all aspects, involving exercise, nutrition, weights, cardio, ab and kettle bell classes. In addition costs were fully and clearly explained and very reasonable compared to other personal training facilities. The difference for me was and is the enthusiasm shown by Laurie Ann and her commitment on an individual basis. Within 3 months I had achieved every target we had established in respect to weight loss and muscle and tone development. I have continued with RRPT ever since, establishing new targets and goals along the way. Laurie Ann has shown flexibility in rescheduling sessions when needed because of illness or travel. She and RRPT will be a very important part of my rehab following total knee replacement surgery in April.
I highly recommend RRPT and Laurie Ann for anyone old and young who truly want to achieve their full health and fitness potential!