RRPT Training Practicum



 Full Hands On personal Training Practicum Course: (For newly certified trainers requiring experience to train)........... $1099 for  28 to 36 week hands on practicum including (discounted practicum for select candidates with a degree in exercise science or related field)

  • 28 to 36 weeks of extensive education for beginning trainers including both shadowing sessions and being shadowed

  • Full notebook for later reference built during program and available for use during open book exam

  • sales training to help prepare you to market and sell training

  • 20 to 28 weeks of personal training classes which may include (Bootcamp, Kettlebell, Crosstrain, Abs class, Fitboxing etc.) for yourself to help new trainers shred down and to prepare you physically for the job and so as to understand what it feels like to be pushed by a trainer and understand how to push a client hard but not unrealistically,

  • RRPT training certification test included with free retakes if needed

  • certificate of completion.

**Partial Practicum ($799) available for trainers with a degree in exercise science and experience but no portfolio book of before and afters and no clients to walk in the door with. 

Getting a certification is only half the battle. Now you need to understand program design for different populations including weight loss, older adult fitness, children’s fitness, injury post- rehab, sport specific training, athletic endurance training. Also how to weigh in and body fat test, realistic goal setting, create dynamic workouts, proper form instruction, how to utilize proven techniques, how to GUARANTEE results, and most important sales training.
We will teach you during real personal training sessions all of this and more as you get real experience by someone with 20 years in the industry with hundreds of amazing pictures and success stories as well as a respected name in the fitness industry and the support of many local nutrition stores, orthopedic centers, chiropractors, massage therapists and rehabilitative medical facilities as well as many retailers who have personally supported and referred to our programs and contests. All the while you will be watching the real results you are being taught being achieved by clients.
You will leave with the CONFIDENCE to begin your career in training with more than a piece of paper that says you are certified but rather with the hands on knowledge to offer and guarantee results to your clients.
IF you successfully complete the practicum you will also be offered an employment opportunity within our company if we have openings that meet your employment needs.

NOTE: You will be able to retake the test for FREE if you do not pass the first time.  Learn hands on in the facility you hope to train for and from an educated Master trainer rather than taking a generic test put together by a group of businessmen with a goal of making money off you and charging you again if you do not pass. We will walk you through every step necessary to become a trainer including getting your insurance, business license, business cards and marketing yourself.  We will also offer you a job within our facility upon successful passing completion of the RRPT certification test if their is an opening at that time.  IF not you will have preference in future hiring sessions when we are in fact hiring again.

RRPT requires all of its trainers to have completed an RRPT practicum certification as well as seek national certification prior to or at some time during employment.  We lay more importance on the practicum due to the extensive nature of the program and the hands on experience gained!  National Certifications though required by some companies to get hired alone do not educate and prepare trainers to handle the actual job of being a trainer. Our practicum on the other hand does.  It prepares trainers to have the skills of an ADVANCED PERSONAL TRAINER.  It is however recommended, but not required by our company, that you pursue getting a national certification in addition to the practicum at some point, to increase your credentials overall .  We will inform trainers of the best choices for that additional certification and how to apply to take it as well if they do not have it upon entry to our program.