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RRPT Bridal Transformations





Imagine your Groom Carrying you right out of our ELITE private studio and into your wedding dream, beautifully sculpted for your PERFECT dress and ready to impress on the biggest day of your life!  


Rapid Results is a private training facility that has been making amazing transformations for over 16  years in East Cobb! Don't just keep dreaming about it, COME AND SEE WE CAN TRANSFORM YOUR BODY TODAY in time for your the biggest day of your life!


We have several program options depending on your goals and/or the number of people in your people in your party

 You can choose a 90 day bride transformation, bridal bootcamps or just some help wth our classes and private faci,ity membership.  

We incorporate  successful personalized nutrition plan for each program and we will not just trainin you but educate you so that you can continue to keep your program  implemented after the bid day! We have a plan and program for everyone. 

Don't hesitate, call the private facility that all the brides in waiting are calling for their BIG DAY! You will be glad you did!