About Our Trainers

Meet the Trainers of Rapid Results Personal Training :

All trainers hold Personal Training certifications as well as advanced trainer practicum certifications including 4 to nine months of intensive training in client injury training, program design, group class instruction, advanced sports training, and body shaping.

LaurieAnn- 46- Advanced Trainer/Owner

DSC04028_2_2I hold certifications through ACE and the National Health Club Association and have been training for 20 years with experience in strength and conditioning training, weight loss, extreme weight loss ,bodyshaping, athletic endurance training and sports training . I also have 15 years of experience in post rehab training in many areas including injuries of the knee, hip, spine, shoulder, foot, ankle as well as pre and post natal, and total knee, hip and shoulder replacement post rehabs. I love a CHALLENGE as it is what encourages minds and hearts to thrive!  I also love the opportunity to better someones health and change their life and future FOREVER!

I also have certifications in stretch therapy, group exercise instruction including: Kettlebell, Boot Camp, Fitboxing, Advanced Abdominal Training and Cross Training and Pump and Grind and have been teaching these classes for over 15 years at several gyms across Atlanta prior to opening Rapid Results Personal Training first PRIVATE facility!

I have advanced nutrition counseling  for weight loss experience and have helped hundreds to create a proper program for nutrition that has helped them to lose and then maintain their weight!

I have hundreds of before and afters to boast my hard work and success as a trainer and am so very proud of each and every client's success!  I hope you can be my next success story!


Todd Bonus -48  Advanced  Trainer/ownerToddbiopic

I battled a weight issue as a young adolescent and teenager so I know what it means to put dedication into changing your body and getting into shape.  I was never more proud than when I created the body I wanted and I enjoy helping others to achieve the same!

I am certified through the NHCA as a certified Personal Trainer and Powerhouse Gyms Training Practicums for Strength and Conditioning training. I have been training with Rapid Results Personal Training for 12 years and specialize in strength training, weight loss, older adult fitness, strength and conditioning training for athletes, post rehab of low back and shoulder injuries, children’s fitness and sport specific training.

I am a  former power lifter that competed on a local level in Minnesota.  Now I enjoy just helping people of all ages gain strength and stamina they never thought possible with my gym here in Marietta, Ga.

I like to focus on form and function of training so as to teach safe effective techniques that will last a lifetime of training free of injury. I  enjoy making workouts challenging and diverse but also fun and always incorporates effective stretching into my workouts to ensure muscles remain flexible as well as to reduce soreness levels.



Marco Silva 26  HEAD TRAINER "Certified Advanced Trainer"

Marco Bio Pic

Having been tall all my life, there was an expectation that I would be athletic and so I started playing sports at a young age. As I grew beyond 6 foot I realized that I needed to change my body composition by increasing my muscle size, endurance and overall stamina in order to achieve the fitness level needed to excel! I began learning and trying to apply what I learned to my own body and in time it and my performance improved! Knowing how difficult this process was,  I decided to pursue a career in fitness so that I could help others to achieve their fitness related goals with more direction and support than I had!

I received my Degree in Exercise Science from Kennesaw State in 2016.  I received my first exposure to personal training as an intern with Excellence in Exercise Fitness Management in 2014. I then achieved my ACE personal trainer certification. While at KSU, I worked at the Student Recreation Center as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor as well as played football.  The following summer I had the priveledge to work as an intern strength and conditioning coach.

 In 2016 I began working as a trainer at Thrive Chiropractic and Wellness Center. Through my experiences there I have worked with young kids, older adults, car crash victims, amputees, international students who don’t speak English, people with mental and physical disabilities, and even collegiate and professional athletes.

My philosophy of fitness is rooted in the idea that our ability to grow is vastly limited if we stay in our comfort zone. Whatever your goals may be, if you want to accomplish something you’ve never had, you’re going to have to elevate yourself and work harder than you ever have. This may seem daunting at first but something magical happens when you put a lid on excuses, knock down barriers, and truly push yourself to become better! We only live once so why not live as the best version of ourselves?

Eric Seigel, 21  Personal Trainer

I’ve wanted to be a personal trainer since I started working out in high school.  I was able to make a major transformation with my own body… starting out skinny and weak and ending muscular and strong!  Being able to pass on my fitness knowledge and experience to others who seek similar goals is a huge desire of mine as a “trainer to be”. I can’t imagine a more rewarding career opportunity!

I am currently enrolled at Kennesaw State University, declared as an exercise science major and I have done extensive research in the areas of nutrition and supplementation. I came to Rapid Results Personal Training for my practicum and personal training certification because my good friend Marco told me how amazing the practicum here was and how much he learned from this program.  Since I know he is a great trainer, I trusted his judgement and wouldn’t consider any other program to gain the knowledge necessary to become a GREAT trainer!  One day I hope to be a gym owner!

I am excited to become a part of the RRPT trainer team! I look forward to all the new knowledge I will be gaining here at RRPT and applying it to my clients.  I am eager to transform as many people’s lives as I can.  Nothing will be more satisfying than assisting some of you to produce my first few before and after pictures and celebrating your success!  The time to get started is NOW!   So let’s DO THIS!

Brooke Sellers   Personal Trainer Practicum

I battled with my weight most of my life. I was bullied all throughout middle school and high school because of my weight. In college, I was so out of shape that I would be totally out of breath when walking to my classes, my clothes were not fitting me, and I was avoiding mirrors at all costs. This was the turning point for me, and I went to the gym the next day and never looked back. I fell in love with overcoming challenges and gaining strength every time I stepped in the gym, and when I started applying this mindset to my own life is when the magic happened. I was able to find my light again and experience confidence and strength like never before.


I recently graduated from KSU Cum Laude with my Bachelor’s degree. I knew I wanted to pursue my dream of being a personal trainer and help people transform their bodies and perceptions of themselves like I did for myself. I joined the practicum to receive hands on training experience and expand my knowledge of exercises and program design.


I have learned that improving your health and fitness improves all aspects of your life. When you feel more confident and capable you have the power to improve your relationships, your work performance, and any other area of your life that it’s lacking. My goal is to help you achieve your health and fitness goals so that you can apply that same spirit and determination it takes to succeed. I will help you take control over your health and your life again, and motivate you to be the best you can be!

Ryan Bonus - Trainer


               I began working out at 11 when my parents tried to introduce me to weight training and I resisted because it seemed like too much work!  I realized on my own within the next couple years that I was prone to lazy activities but I wanted to change that, so at 13 after some of my other friends became interested in weight training as well, I decided to give it a try.  I mean my parents WERE trainers so why not take advantage of the help I could get!  BOY AM I GLAD I DID, not only did I gain strength and endurance but GREAT mass gains as I was just a skinny kid prior!  Turns out they actually DID know better than me!

     As I got more involved in it I realized I had a natural eye for perfect form and I started helping my friends and other clients around the gym. Once my parents saw that I was capable they offered to allow me to intern with RRPT !  I did so well in internship that when a practicum position became available they allowed me to apply for it.  I have since LOVED becoming a trainer.  It has given me a great sense of accomplishment helping people achieve their goals!  It has also helped me grow up a lot learning to put other peoples needs before my own!

Ryan Esposito ** Trainer Practicum



      As a teenager, I thought working out was probably too much work. Then one day my sister INSISTED I go to the gym and try it. She introduced me to the challenge and inspiration that comes from pushing yourself to the limit.  Once I learned how to do that, I was HOOKED!  From then on I had created a new passion that would continue to drive me mentally and physically.  This new found passion is what inspired me to want to become a trainer so that I could be in the gym ever day of my life and helping others to see that working out doesn’t have to just be hard work.

 I chose to get my personal trainer education from the RRPT Practicum Program at my mom’s recommendation because I was able to see for myself the results that RRPT trainers were able to achieve with her.  Having been a client at RRPT first, before entering the practicum has allowed me to experience both sides of the equation…I know what a client wants from a trainer and now I am learning how to provide that in the safest and most effective manner.

 As a trainer, I hope to help my clients realize the benefits that come with putting in the hard work and then seeing their bodies and minds change! I plan to encourage, motivate and drive them to love this is much as I do!  I will fill them with positive affirmations and help rid them of excuses so they can overcome body image issues, strengthen their weaknesses and created amazing new versions of themselves!  I will also tell them to always remind themselves of why they're doing it, and that pain is temporary and pride is forever!

Josy Gramajo Training Intern

When I was younger I was very athletic and always playing outside. Soccer, basketball, kickball, you name it,  I did it. Once I started growing up, I struggled with maintaining my weight. I felt discouraged every time I’d gain and I was also terrified for my health because of the direction I was going. In September of 2017, I decided to change my life completely but this time, with the help of some great trainers at the amazing gym (RRPT). Training here as a client has helped me remember how much I missed working out. I’m more motivated to become a trainer because I want to help other people reach their goals like they’ve helped me reach mine.

I’ve decided to get my personal training education at RRPT because I’ve been a client for a year and a half and I have seen first-hand how knowledgeable the trainers are due to their practicum and how much it helps to get the clients the right results safely. They’ve helped me push myself from a beginner client to advanced and I know they can help turn me into a great trainer as well!

As an intern I hope to instill in my clients great nutrition habits so they can be successful in their fitness goals.  I also hope to motivate them to enjoy their cardio by reminding them the energy levels it will bring, teaching them how to use their cardio as an escape and taking out their stress through cardio and partnering with others to make it more fun! Finally I hope to help each person I train to achieve their goals by pushing them past their current comfort zone! 

Maria Teresa Curtis Rodriguez-  Zumba Instructor 


    Maria is not your typical mother of five. In fact, you would never know she has the responsibility of raising five children simply by looking at her. Maria has something that is hard to describe. When she enters a room, it lights up! She is a very strong, determined, and faithful woman. And she loves to Dance! Please read her bio:

At age eleven, I was accepted into the Julian E. Blanco School of Classical Ballet, the premier school of dance and performing arts in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Upon auditioning for my acceptance, I was selected from hundreds of young aspiring dance students. I also trained in the evenings at Ballet de San Juan, a preeminent school focusing primarily on traditional and modern dance techniques with a focus on ballet. As a student of the ballet company, I performed in classical numbers such as the Nut Cracker, Copelia, Swan Lake, Don Quixote, and Sleeping Beauty. I graduated from High School with a specialty diploma in dance. I continued my education by enrolling in the University of Puerto Rico and decided to move to the United States where my dancing slipped, I married and became pregnant, and ultimately gained 58 pounds. I gave birth to my daughter, Ana, via c-section where one month later I found herself pregnant with my son, Sebastian. I again gave birth via c-section just ten months later. I had gained 50 pounds during my second pregnancy and was not able to work out or dance until I fully healed from my surgery. I was a size ten, weighed 160 pounds, and was not happy. I could not believe I had lost the petite ballerina figure that I had worked so hard to sculpt.

      My good friend introduced me to Zumba. Little did I realize it would change my life, as well as my figure! In six months I lost 60 pounds and was back to an impressive size two. The process proved very inspirational for many of my friends and family as they watched my pounds melt away and my smile reappear.  My inspiration and dedication to my new life  is the result of wanting to teach others how fun and easy it is to achieve their goals while losing weight along the way.

     There is no greater reward for me than to know I have helped someone else. Zumba is not just my job, but my passion and I hope to always bring a fun, party like environment to each class! COME JOIN MY PARTY AND HAVE FUN WHILE GETTING LEAN! YOU ARE ALL INVITED!


Paula Brown - Cardio Trainer- 49

I have always been concerned with my health and improving my physical appearance. It wasn’t until I joined RRPT That I realized I could in fact overcome physical challenges if I had the right knowledge, perseverance and consistency for my workouts. As I conquered some of these challenges and goals I made major changes in my strength, endurance and my physiques appearance and thus my passion for fitness was born!!

     After Several Years of training under Laurie Ann’s guidance I became somewhat of a student teacher in her ab class as that seemed to be my most advanced skill set in the gym. After months of student teaching, Laurie Ann groomed me to teach ab clinics to her clients. Then she saw my next skill set born …I love to teach and motivate as I began doing with several clients on their cardio programs. Laurie then decided to make me a cardio trainer.  I truly enjoy helping RRPT clients to reach new heights in their cardio endurance and overcome fears they have had about being able to push themselves to the next level of cardio fitness!

Dane Auensen Certified Yoga Instructor- 32 


20160326_220815 I began doing yoga in 2007 and earned my 200 hour teacher training certification from Peachtree Yoga Center in Sandy Springs in the spring of 2015.  I have played soccer all my  life, and continue to play as an adult.  I actively participate in various types of fitness activities including yoga, Pilates, barre, strength training, running, biking, hiking, and swimming. 

My  teaching style accommodates students at all levels, beginner to advanced.  I guide  students through practice with alignment and breathing cues and offer hands-on assists and adjustments to both correct  alignment and deepen poses’ expressions.  My classes are fun and serve to build strength, increase flexibility, align mind and body, and facilitate peace of mind.

  I learned from yoga that you cannot choose what happens to you, but you can choose how you respond to it.  Setbacks are common, suffering is optional.  I welcome the opportunity to have you work with me on reducing your suffering while making your body more flexible and clearing your mind of the congestion our daily life fills it with!